Influencing the Next Generation Leader Through the Why Principle

One thing marks every long standing organization or institution: the ability to transfer purpose, vision and meaning to the next generation, so they can continue to influence and to carry the legacy.

But this action is easier said than done. Today I want to offer practical ways to help you pass on the legacy baton to the next generation (or next gen) leaders to better ensure the organization doesn’t drift from its founding principles.

Articulate The Why

Over time in any organization how something is accomplished might change. New technology and methods allow things to be done differently. Simon Sinek is a leading proponent of transferring The Why of what we do versus the how or what.

Influence vs. Inspiration vs. Motivation: Understanding Why Influence Wins in the End

Think of the favorite leaders under whom you have served? They probably pressed you and squeezed more talent and energy out of you than you ever imagined was within you. They probably drove you mad at times as they popped the cork of self-limitations, BUT THEY INFLUENCED YOU!

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