Become a KII® Certified Partner

Now you can gain the advantage of using the KII® with your clients in one-to-one coaching or consulting.

If you are a consultant, coach or trainer, you know the challenge of acquiring and retaining clients to grow your business. One advantage to both acquiring and retaining clients is having an exclusive measurement tool to help your clients grow in and expand their influence and influence potential.

Through dynamic measurement and coaching or training, your clients gain the confidence that the services you provide ARE working! Because results motivate, they will be apt to continue with your services long-term, which means more clients and revenue for your business.

KII Partner Program-wLogoKII® Partner Certification prepares coaches, consultants, and trainers to administer, interpret and facilitate the KII® Assessment, KII® Reports, and materials with individuals in a one-to-one setting.

KII® Partner Certification covers the theoretical background, application to a broad range of issues, Seven Influence Traits® understanding/interpretation, and practices, exercises and guides on how to use the KII® with individual clients. 

The KII® Partner Certification is designed to equip you with the essential information and experience you need to begin using the KII® framework. Upon successful completion of the certification process, you will be able to purchase and administer the KII® Assessment and materials as a KII® Certified Partner.  

Becoming a KII® Certified Professional as a KII® Partner allows you to use the KII® in one-on-one coaching where you can:

  • Measure your clients’ current potential to influence using the Seven Influence Traits®
  • Dynamically track client’s leadership and influence growth through continued measurements
  • Create upsell opportunities for additional coaching and training sessions using KII® proven resources
  • Offer your clients an exclusive, first-of-its-kind tool to set you apart from the myriad of other consultants, coaches and trainers
  • Coach or consult from reports representing the objective responses of your client
  • Connect the Seven Influence Traits® to the 5 Organizational Competencies™  
  • Use the KII® Coach Manual and Client Workbook Set
  • Use the SOCR® Coach Manual and Client Workbook Set
  • 24 CCEs for ICF Accreditation

The KII® Assessment is a tool that requires specific qualifications in order to administer, interpret and coach the application of with others. The KII® Certification Program prepares you to professionally and ethically administer, interpret and apply the KII® assessment.  We offer exclusive licenses to become a KII® Certified Professional to select consultants, coaches, and trainers. By becoming a KII® Partner or Enterprise Partner, you gain KII® certification, discounted training resources, the KII® marketing kit, white labeling privileges, increased revenue and much more. As a member of the KII® Partner program, you will be equipped and accredited to market your skills as a KII® Certified Professional.

There are many advantages of being a KII® Partner:

  • KII® Assessment and KII® Report wholesale prices
  • SOCR® Report wholesale prices
  • KII® Workbook(s) wholesale prices (7)
  • License to distribute, interpret and use KII® and KII® products
  • Advanced information on offers and promotions
  • Access to exclusive website area containing valuable information
  • Right to use KII® Training and Use resources
  • Partner-only access to KII® and SOCR™ marketing materials
  • Guidance and support for KII® and influence training/coaching questions
  • Get the latest news and updates
  • Acquire the leading edge on your competition  


Additional Opportunities for Expanding Your Consulting, Coaching and Training Services:


The KII® Summary & Organizational Competencies Report™, or SOCR™, provides top-level organizational leaders a summary on specified organizational employees or team member’s KII® scores. This allows for a unique composite overview of organizational strength and weaknesses in the area of influence. Consultants, coaches and trainers can sit down with C-level leadership or management and provide profoundly accurate information and insight, with follow-up training or coaching sessions on areas of organizational weakness. This added report, the SOCR™ Report, is worth thousands of dollars to your company’s monthly revenue stream.


Why are the insights and information that the KII® provides important to your clients? A survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Association Resource Center concluded that the mean ROI for companies investing in coaching was 7 times the initial investment. Organizations know coaching is serious business. And the KII® is the one tool that will give you the edge on your competition. You will build a powerful coaching or consulting reputation, be a top-level coach or consultant, while growing your bottom line.  

Learn how your consulting, coaching or training business can succeed with the Keller Influence Indicator®.

Become a KII® Certified Professional Today!



As the CEO/founder of Coaching Startups, a ten million dollar high end coaching business, I believe that your income is the average of the incomes of your five closest friends Having Karen as a mentor and someone I can look to for business and professional advice has definitely been a key to building a 7 figure coaching business. Once I started working with Karen not only did my personal relationships change but so did my income. Karen’s KII™ Assessment has helped me clearly identify my strengths and the areas I want to improve. Working with Karen has been a transformative experience for me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends or family.
Keith Justin
CEO Coaching Startups & Best-Selling Author - Indiana