Professional success is just one of the pillars reflective of the Certified KII® Professional’s level of excellence. Certified KII® Professionals must meet a certain level of standards and excellence in their field as well as adhere to strict ethical standards. They must love helping others with their personal and professional development. 

KII® Certification was developed to measure and certify competence of individual coaches, consultants, and trainers, protect and serve consumers of the KII® assessment and products, and inspire pursuit of continuous development. 

While we are working to finalize the KII® Certification process to become a Certified KII® Professional, for a limited time, we are offering individuals who qualify the opportunity to get “grandfathered in” to become a KII® Partner.   


How to Become a KII® Partner:

  1. We suggest you review the benefits to both you and your client before becoming a KII® Partner, which allows you to use the KII® Assessment. 
  2. Review the sample KII® and SOCR™ Reports to have an idea of what information and insights your clients will receive. 
  3. For a limited time, you can get “grandfathered in”. If you wish to receive this special rate please click here. Once you register for either KII® Partner or Enterprise Partner or both trainings you will have taken the first step.
  4. Registration fee is $595 which includes training materials. This fee includes the KII® assessment, your personalized KII® and SOCR™ Reports ($237 value), receipt of the four books; the KII® Coach Manual/Client Workbook and the SOCR™ Coach Manual/Client Workbook ($267 value). 
  5. You can also submit the annual $195 licensing fee along with the $280 for training materials KII® Workbook Box Set (7 additional workbooks) to use during the KII® Partner Training here
  6. After December 1, 2016 KII® Partner training will be $2497 and Enterprise Partner training will be $4997. 


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Thank you for the opportunity to work with the Keller Influence Indicator®. I found it to be both insightful and useful. My coaching clients are in leadership positions and one thing they regularly ask themselves is "Am I being influential and effective?" The Keller Influence Indicator® clearly gives them areas to work on.  Combined with the Enneagram, this is an extremely powerful tool. Many thanks, Karen, for adding value to the coaching profession as a whole.
Mark Smith, ACC
Wildcats Adventure Coaching, Johannesburg, South Africa