Modules & Materials

After you register for the KII® Partner Certification Program, you will receive instructions via email about how you should prepare for the training. Following that, you will receive a shipment that includes printed materials listed below depending on if you participate in the KII® Partner or Enterprise Partner Certification. You will complete approximately 4 hours of pre-work which includes taking the KII® Assessment and receiving the KII® and SOCR® Reports among other pre-certification preparatory work.

Registration fees includes KII® licensing fee ($195 annually renewed) reference materials and support tools to ensure you have the information and resources you need to immediately put your knowledge into practice after the training, including:

  • KII® Report
  • SOCR™ Report
  • Seven Influence Traits® Workbooks (7)
  • KII® Coach Manual/Client Workbook set (2)
  • SOCR™ Coach Manual/Client Workbook set (2)
  • Access to KII® Partner Dashboard
  • Use of Trial Reports
  • Marketing Toolkit
  • KII® Partner Handouts and Templates
  • An electronic certificate of completion

Registering for the Enterprise Partner Certification affords you everything in the KII® Partner Certification (pre-requisite) program plus;

  • KII® Executive Summary Report
  • Five Organizational Competency™ Workbooks (5)
  • 52 Smart Influence Actions Collection
  • Coaching Influential Teams Facilitator & Client Workbook set (2)
  • Half-day Leadership Development workshop
  • 90 minute Influence Presentation
  • Access to Enterprise Partner Dashboard
  • Marketing Toolkit
  • Enterprise Partner Handouts and Templates
  • An electronic certificate of completion

Certification Resources

During the KII® Certification Program you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the KII® assessment, the KII® and SOCR™ Reports and KII® Workbooks as well as how to use the supplemental KII® materials. You will be given two coach manuals/client workbooks complete with step-by-step instruction on how to interpret, coach, and facilitate using the KII® materials.  

KII® Certification was developed to measure and certify competence of individual coaches, consultants, and trainers, protect and serve consumers of the KII® assessment and programs, and inspire pursuit of continuous development.

Make the commitment and take the next step in growing your professional development.

Register for KII® or Enterprise Partner Certification



Your ideas about influence are the exact opposite of what we have been taught. Women in the business world are a force to be reckoned with. Your insights show that success in business is no longer about the battle of the sexes, but more about the psychology of the sexes. Thanks for sharing your information!
Rose Putnam