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You have an advantage that most influential people in the world throughout history didn’t have when they were starting out. When these people were young, they didn’t know what their capacity for influence was or which traits they needed to develop to grow their influence. Instead, they spent precious time searching their way, instinctively learning through their own failures and successes. 

Here is the good news: 

You can expand your ability to influence!

The Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®) is the first and only, scientifically-backed assessment that measures influence. The KII® provides a score on each of the Seven Influence Traits® that must be present to influence effectively. 

The KII® provides:

  • Dynamic measurements of the Seven Influence Traits™ needed for increased influence. 
  • A detailed report that assesses your strengths, needed development for each trait, blindspots, and what needs improving. 
  • Practical growth steps for each trait tailored to your unique assessment. 
  • Additional tools for increasing your strengths and making your weaknesses irrelevant. 

KII® Trial Report and SOCR® Trial Report

With the KII® Trial you can test the waters to see if the KII® is right for you before you make the decision to purchase the full version. With the trial version, you’ll take the Keller Influence Indicator® assessment and then receive your KII® Trial Report AND the SOCR® Trial Report for free. If you like what you see, and are ready to view the other six trait scores, plus your K-Factor™ Score, and the full SOCR® Report, you may choose to upgrade to the full KII® Report and/or the full SOCR® Report.

See Sample Trial KII® Report here
See Sample Trial SOCR® Report here

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Today, you can take the Keller Influence Indicator (KII®). Instead of wasting precious time trying to figure out your capacity to influence, you will actually understand what you need to know about your Seven Influence Traits™ to create the change you want to see. You’ll learn which of these influence traits are working hard for you, and which ones need attention. 

The SOCR® Report correlates each of the Seven Influence Traits™ with these Five Organizational Competencies including: Leadership, Communication, Team Effectiveness, Strategy & Solutions, and Execution & Evaluation. It also provides information on how you impact others, take action, handle pressure, and respond to conflict. 

For a limited time, we are pleased to offer you a FREE Trial KII® Assessment and Report as well as a SOCR® Trial Report.  The KII® Trial Report reveals your Commitment Influence Trait Score—one of the Seven Influence Traits™. This free trial report also provides you personalized recommendations for increasing your Commitment score. The SOCR® Trial Report shows you how your Commitment Score corresponds to each of the Five Organizational Competencies: Leadership, Communication, Team Effectiveness, Strategy & Solutions, and Execution & Evaluation

Take the Free KII® Assessment Trial Now!


Look inside a Sample KII® Report.

View Sample KII® Report

Look inside a Sample SOCR™ Report.

View Sample SOCR® Report
From regional manager to international executive with quadruple the pay, Karen Keller's unique blueprint carefully outlined the step-by-step process for creating high impact influence.
Lloyd Moore
Global Director Supplier Quality & Development, Lear Corporation