Confidence in Motion KII™ Level Workbooks

Confidence in Motion: Level 1: Confidence Fundamentals 

The Level 1: Confidence Fundamentals workbook clarifies your current level of confidence. This workbook helps you understand how past experiences have contributed to your level of confidence. It begins the journey of showing you the steps to take on learning to become more confident. The Level 1: Confidence Workbook contains the Confidence Self-Evaluation, Core Values Exercise, and the Self-Discipline Exercise as well as other lesson plans to help you cement your foundation for building confidence.  

Confidence in Motion: Level 2: Confidence Competencies 

The Level 2: Confidence Competencies workbook introduces you to the power of pleasure and pain and how this interrupts or propels your confidence. It explores secondary gain, triggers, and the role of emotions in either hindering or building your confidence. You will learn about the 4 steps to emotional wellness and the role this plays in the development of your self-esteem. This workbook covers how to create a No-Fear Zone along with how to remove mental limitations.  

Confidence in Motion: Level 3: Confidence Mastery  

The Level 3: Confidence Mastery workbook teaches you about goal visualization, how to categorize and prioritize goals, and personal power using a 5-step process. You will learn how to make failure work FOR you. The workbook covers how to make your mistakes work for you and move toward inventing your future - not waiting for it to happen. This workbook introduces you to your sense of destiny and greatness. 

Thank you for letting me have this course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and repeatedly was challenged by its pace, depth and demands on me. It has been a great learning experience and revelation.
Gero F. Weber
Business Mentor, Dreiser-Weber GmbH - Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany