Methods for Newcomers to Influence Existing Teams

The new person, “Phil,” strides into the conference room confident he has an idea to improve the last sales quarter for the company. Phil was brought in to turn things around; he conducted research and even used this strategy on a similar product with his last company. His presentation goes smoothly; at the conclusion, he sits down waiting for the buzz of excitement and input from others on how to ramp up the strategy. Instead, there is silence.  Finally someone speaks up and says, “Phil, that’s some plan you have put together, but I don’t know that it will work here.

The Two Things Required of a Change Agent

In today’s workplace, being a change agent is crucial or soon your organization will become a fossilized relic. Merely staying on the course is not enough. You must stay ahead of the pack or be swallowed up and spit out the back. True change agents are able to bring the most diverse types of people together to accomplish positive, transformational change.

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