3 Signs of Executive Presence

How does she do it? She walks into the room, and all eyes and ears are on her. Waiting, listening, watching. She is the one everyone recognizes as the leader when a team is formed. She's the first one picked by clients or customers to speak with about their multi-million dollar account. They look to her for guidance and courage.

What does that woman have that you don't? What's her secret? Presence.

Executive Presence.

Women Influencing Business: Using Your Problem Solving Skills

Men look at problems and see one thing. That one thing which needs correction, and they seek to fix it. Women look at the same problem and see multiple things that need fixing. Men use their left brain searching for the answer, while women use their right brain searching for several answers.

Men and women evaluate problems differently. What else is new?

There’s the desire to solve the problem, then there’s the desire to uncover every reason or hint at what wouldn’t solve the problem.

Persuasion Comfort via Karen AND Dale Carnegie

It’s important to be aware of your comfort or discomfort with persuasion. Find out how fear plays a role in your influencing or persuasive behavior. Here’s a quick self-exam. Just as we do an external exam it is equally important to do an internal exam. Read these statements. Be as honest as you can (nobody will see your answers – only you!) Please answer Yes or No to the following: 1. I second guess myself more than 2 times every day. 2. When ordering a meal at a café I hesitate because of what others will say.

Do You Practice These 3 R’s of Power?

Power at work, power in relationships, power in your words, and power in play – it’s everywhere!


Because it’s what makes things happen.

People make assumptions about power. They typically think of it as controlling another person, manipulating a situation, or threatening a way of thinking.

Not always.

Like a nuclear reactor, a volcano or love – all great power begins from within. The issue is what it gets used for.

Business: The Truth about Details

The book, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson is a great book with good advice but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Rather, "the devil is in the details" does – if you ignore what is in your line of sight. Great business leaders and entrepreneurs know it’s the details that pull off the best laid plans. The challenge is to not let the small stuff drive you crazy while paying attention to the pea under the mattress. You need to realize the danger of ignoring the minute elements that will either make or break you and your success.

How To Bridge The Gap Between Your Present Business And Your Ideal Company

Most people believe the company they presently have is the company they ideally want. Experiencing any success can be a smoke screen to what is really waiting for you. Too many people tend to accept what they are given rather than chase after what they want. They accept permission, generosity and handouts with a smile and nod of appreciation. But there is a difference of what you now have been conditioned to believe is success and what you want to define as success for you.

Business Check-Up: How to Put Yourself in Your Customer's Shoes

When it comes to running a business, there is so much to think about. Organizing and keeping on top of daily operations, marketing, bookkeeping, customer service, employees, vendors, etc. It all pretty much takes up a business owner's time. These are definitely important areas to focus on but when have you (or have you ever) made a point of literally stepping outside of your business and into the shoes of your customer to see how your business is perceived?

What Are You Doing To Get Noticed?

Tired of being a face in the crowd? Done with the "You’re-a-wall-flower" treatment?

Before you consciously make efforts to get noticed, the first thing you need to do is figure out who should be noticing you.

Who REALLY matters? Who do you want (or need) to impress?

Knowing this single piece of information will save you lots of energy, time and work. Why would you want to be noticed by someone selling sand when you live in the desert? Think about this …

Help, refer and educate!


Make a Commitment: Stop Stalling and Start Succeeding

Do you feel like you’re floundering in your professional life? Are you stuck in a rut you can’t seem to escape? Do you feel like the success you expected to come to you just hasn’t happened? We can all get in these funks during our professional career. The most important thing is that we don’t let them stay around for too long.


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