How To Increase Confidence: A Core Leadership Trait

Reduced confidence leads to increased anxiety, procrastination and eventually paralysis. As a leader, this paralysis can stall the entire organization.

Every leader struggles with confidence. Some of us do only in certain moments; others do on a more consistent basis. Self-confidence is the fundamental basis from which leadership grows Your Keller Influence Indicator® inventory can provide you clear insight into you natural level of confidence. 

Four Ways to Lead Through Failure

What are we to do as leaders in the midst of failure? Here are four ways to lead through failure.

A good leader keeps her or his head up during tough times. The leader is called to stand on a parapet and look out towards the horizon, discovering possibilities. Shoegazing at the problem at hand will not inspire confidence, lead the troops, or promote outside-the-box thinking needed to find solutions. When, as a leader, you take this higher view, you can maintain enthusiasm without becoming a false, rah-rah cheerleader.​

Can You Lead Like Trump?

Regardless if you agree with him politically or share his methods, Donald Trump is a king of leaders. The picture he conjures is one of enormity peppered with multiple successes and failures. Can you lead like that?

Building Trust in the Workplace

If you don’t have trust in any relationship, there’s nowhere you can go that won’t wind up being tainted by distrust and underhanded dealings. So what are my six tips for making sure you have trust in the workplace? Here you go! 

Finding Your Sweet Spot

The best way to find and play to your strengths, to analyze the way you perform in certain business situations, is to give yourself a job interview.

Stop Putting Yourself In an Ethical Bind

Are you guilty of bending the rules just a little? Watch out for these long term pitfalls!


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