Are you struggling to compete?

As a career person, you’re faced with challenges every day, whether it’s a schedule with barely enough free time to grab a 15-minute lunch or a board meeting that will determine the fate of your department or project. But you handle it all with grace. So why are you finding it so hard to compete and get past the barriers that are preventing you from the power you want and deserve?

There are various barriers that can keep us from competing with others for power and, naturally, with each type of barrier, you offer a different approach. Here are just a few ways you may want to try:

Glass cutter

When your barrier to entry is the dreaded glass ceiling (or glass walls), you’re going to have to cut through that barrier with a fine, sharp instrument. Keep all your wits about you when you’re competing with others for a salary raise or the same job. Learn to communicate clearly and precisely and keep your intentions keenly focused.

Ice pick

Sometimes when we try to get ahead in the business world, we can lose some of the qualities that makes us human and we appear to be cold hearted. When this happens, we tend to get categorized as “cold and insensitive” in the workplace and this can actually hurt our chances for promotion. Use an ice pick to chip away some of that cold exterior and warm up to your employees and peers. Then watch your bosses warm to the idea of promoting you!


When your barrier is big and tough, sometimes you can’t break it down all at once. That’s when you have to use a chisel. It takes patience, but if you work at it a little bit each day or each week, you’ll slowly start to see that big, bad barrier to power slowly turn into nothing more than a pile of dust and you’ll be on the other side.


There’s a time and a place for the sledgehammer. I think this is the tool we want to use all the time because it’s quick, loud and there’s nothing subtle about it. But remember, not every situation is a good fit for breaking down the competition with a sledgehammer. If you’ve tried other methods, but they don’t seem to work or if you need to make headway quickly, a sledgehammer will do the trick. Be warned though, you might need to do a little clean up afterwards.

What other kinds of tools can you think of for breaking down those walls that stand between you and the power and success that you deserve?


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