If thoughts become things—and they do—then why aren’t we all millionaires?  Easy. Because we don’t think of ourselves in that way.

In over two decades of coaching, repeatedly I find that too many women settle for something far less than what they were born to have. Yes, I said born to have.

What I know for sure is that God has given us all of our hearts desires, but because women aren’t taught this, we tend to behave in ways that cover up our natural inheritance. A rich, lavish, blissful life is not only meant for the ultra-gorgeous, ultra-privileged, or ultra-lucky. It’s your divine birthright.

So lose these 3 “C’s” to immediately unleash your natural abundance!

Clutter. Is your inner and outer clutter keeping you broke? Clutter is a killer and it takes many forms. What is it that you continue to move around your mind, your house or your heart? Do you replay the same thoughts over and over in your mind--constantly shuffling them from place to place? This is mental clutter – get rid of it. Do you have junk in every drawer, and stacks of stuff on your desk, promising yourself, “I’ll get to it some day but for now I’ll just put it over here”?

Even money mess is damaging because it robs your energy. Often, financial vagueness (debt, unbalanced bank accounts, living from paycheck to paycheck) is a result of replaying old worn out emotions. Money dramas are often experienced through failed relationships, betrayal, abuse, loss and grief…the most common expressions of human abandonment.

Get in touch with your money feelings. Forgive anyone who you feel may have contributed to your “money mess,” including banks, relatives and yourself.

Practice meditation and other mind-opening forms of awareness. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in the last six months. Open up the vital space in your life meant for your highest good. Give yourself room to feel your connection to abundance.

Complaint. Some women are remarkably good at knowing not only what’s wrong, but also whom to tell about it, and how. These are effective complainers…their insights often result in improvement.

But most of us moan, grown, kvetch, and complain to anyone who will listen. When we ask what’s new, we really mean, “What new disasters do you have to tell today?”

What a waste of precious energy! If your electric bill is too high, there’s no point in telling anyone but the electric company. If I get up every morning and cuss the world, my home or the job I go to, then that is how I will see it—and I’ll suffer the consequences of lack. My world will shrink to meet my little words.

But if I get up every morning and choose compliments over complaints, praising others and giving thanks for the beautiful things in my life, my vibration changes. I am happier. I believe I can make a difference. I may even sing, most importantly in my heart.

What we praise increases. Want a bigger house? Praise the one you have now. And watch as your dream house comes true! Want to be a New York Times bestselling author? Praise the paper and pencil in your hand. Claim, don’t complain.

Complacency. You really can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought.

Too often my clients tell me they feel trapped, as if they’re held hostage with no options. They focus on disappointments, problems and people who piss them off.

If that sounds like you, then negativity is what you’re looking for. I call that “Seeing through a glass darkly,” and it’s too easy to do.

Yes, even though we live in an abundant world doesn’t mean we don’t experience failures. It’s how we handle them that counts. Remember, we’re not responsible for every thought that wanders through our brain, only the ones we hold there. Merely noticing that something is a certain way (for now), and that way might fall on the darker side of life, is not a “negative” thought.

Separate “noticing the negative” from “negative thinking.” Just frame the thought as an observation. From there you have options. Like taking positive action from the sunny side of life.

Bonus tip: Keep abundance in your life by being a good little go-giver. Almost all of were taught as kids to be a “good little go-getter.” But hardly any of us have been taught—as Bob Proctor says—to be a good go-giver. Share your abundance amply. Give it away in bundles with your family, your neighbors or strangers on the street.

Why? Because the more you freely give away, with no expectations (no exceptions!) the more the Universe delivers back in mysterious and great ways.

I can’t think of any better way to materialize abundance in my life. How about you? What are some of the ways you manifest, or block abundance?

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