Susan Boyle’s story is a powerful study in remarkable influence.

With all the flurry surrounding her quick rise to fame, this quote in a Sept. 15th People article stands out. It’s from Piers Morgan, speaking on the incredible lineup of talent for this season’s premiere of the wildly popular TV show America’s Got Talent—where he serves as one of the show’s contestant judges.

“The Susan Boyle effect was massive,” he says. “We saw thousands more people coming out to audition that wouldn’t have done so. They saw the effect the show can have globally if you take a chance.”



Wow. Susan’s courage to compete against all odds impacted thousands of people to recognize something more within themselves.

But is there a way to coax impact? There is.

Because no matter whether Susan wins or loses on stage, there’s a personal arena where she’s consistently a star.


Self influence.

How to influence like Susan Boyle

The 48-year-old’s road to singing success took decades with a sudden, sharp twist off the street of solitude onto the super highway of fame. Yet despite immense pressures, stress, fatigue, confusion (and both love and hate mail!) Susan has the guts to keep going.

Why do you think that is?

Observing how she carries herself, it’s obvious Susan steers her thinking back to the practice and power of self influence.

So let’s look at three key steps of self influence that will help get you the results you’re looking for:

Embracing change Dealing with change is something every person does every minute of every day. But are you embracing it or running from it? Growth, purpose and direction are built in our very nature. Women have found a way through self influence to embrace change, discover their purpose and face their journey with open arms. We have learned it starts within ourselves. Susan made a conscious effort to “go with the flow.”

Making meaning of life Women have a distinct desire to understand and make sense of what is happening in their life. After being thrust into the limelight because of her unique talent, Susan had to quickly make sense of what was happening to her. She influenced herself by becoming still, steadying herself and seeking mentoring guidance to understand the chaos while emerging stronger than before.

Choosing confidence Certainty to trust our instincts and make sense of what we need is a powerful motivator. It’s easier to understand what our instincts are telling us when we can break it down into specifics rather than trying to work with our needs in general terms. Susan took stock, realized where she was stuck and did something about it—she directed her knowing in what she needed to do to get what she wanted.

Taking a chance on influence

Even when you don’t get the raise you deserve or the love and support you crave, you need to be sold on why staying the course is more productive than giving up.

Because like Susan Boyle, you have the option of influencing the hearts, minds and actions of many people.

Especially the remarkable you.

Ideas anyone? How do you practice self influence?





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