This money survey compiled by Financial Finesse is a real eye opener on how men and women handle some very basic issues regarding their money.

Among the findings: only 53% women say they have a handle on their cash flow and spend less than they make each month. (Ouch!) By contrast, 71% of men checked that box.

In a 2006 Harris Poll for Charles Schwab, 48% of women agreed with the statement "investing is scary for me." Only half the number of men surveyed felt the same.

What accounts for the difference in money behavior?


To grow money, you have to feel good about it. And to do that, you must get in touch with your money.

When control goes up, worry goes down. When worry goes down, security goes up and so does confidence.

Prosperity musts include: balancing your checkbook on a regular basis, knowing your rental or mortgage agreement at all times, opening and paying all bills on time, and reading your quarterly 401K reports.

In addition, it’s easy to turn money woes around by taking these intention-based, influential actions.

Confidence Boosters To Have More Money

#1 Pay yourself first. You should expect more than the crumbs falling off the table. But, gee, you say, I have too many bills. Well, make a budget and stick to it. Sacrifice whatever is expendable (eating out, movie tickets, that cool smelling bottle of perfume) so you can get yourself into a power position with your money.

Decide what you can pay yourself each month then do it – no matter what! Start with 10% after taxes but no less than 5%. Before you know it, the dollars you are paying to yourself will start to add up!

The main purpose of paying yourself first is so you learn that you are more important and deserving than anything you could buy.

#2 Put money and credit in your own name. Money and credit in your name is a sure way to boost your sense of security. Don’t be hesitant to do this. Be proud and excited about the greatness of establishing your own accounts and credit ratings.

Start small with bank accounts and credit, then expand into investments.

If you’re in a relationship with shared money, know that the chances are high that one day, (by choice of divorce or proxy of a spouse’s death) you’ll be the sole guardian of your finances. Prepare now.

Putting money in your own name and knowing it is yours creates a feeling of security and independence. These two feelings build the foundation critical to living a financially independent life.

#3 Learn what will make you money AND know what wastes your money. Read, read, and read again. There are great books out there for you to learn about money decisions, investing, income streams, and financial planning. Set a priority to grow your money enough to allow you to meet with a professional planner, accountant or someone you feel safe in asking questions and learning where to start.

If you can’t afford to hire a professional right now, start with resources at the library, they’re free.

Begin reading books like Women & Money by Suze Orman, Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach or The Money Therapist by Marcia Brixey.

Keep a money journal detailing where your money goes every day. You may be surprised at what’s draining your financial prosperity.

The main purpose of knowing everything about your money is for you to make informed and responsible money decisions that will help your financial future instead of hurting it.

That’s how rich women get—and stay—rich.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget the money-maker of keeping your ego in check. Your ego is a false sense of self whispering “I gotta have this to make me happy.”

Can you really afford to keep up with the Joneses? Are you asking a fast-talking broker the right questions before you hand over your cash?

It’s better to be cautious in place of acting without confidence.

When women create money security, their worries diminish and psychological energy can be spent on living life instead of living in fear of what might happen next. Sounds good to me – let’s hear from the rest of you.


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