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Executive coaching is often the best solution

If you are looking to accelerate your career and turn your ordinary aims into dynamic actionable goals, then seeking out executive coaching may be the best solution for you. Executive coaching has a proven track record of providing an excellent return on investment.  It can refocus and empower talented and dedicated people to gain the kind of personal and professional achievement they desire, and in less time than they could typically do it alone.

Executive coaching can provide directors and managers with a motivational experience. It is often perceived by employees as a commitment by the company to develop personnel and invest in them. This can vastly improve employee morale.

Leveraging individual strengths, improving effectiveness, and producing measurable positive business improvements are just a few results one can expect from executive coaching. The program is often highly personalized and tailored to best match the needs of the company or individual in the program.

Acting as a sounding board to focus the collective on key issues, and holding people accountable to agreed upon actionable steps, a professional coach provides a catalyst for positive change. The coach will illuminate the situation, suggest clear steps to amend it, and then support the team while they do the necessary work to reach a rewarding conclusion.

Executive coaching has wide and varied applications–as many different ones as there are companies and individuals working for them–but a few typical situations where coaching can provide significant benefits include:

Performance Enhancement: By using the function of one-on-one performance and leadership executive coaching, an individual or team’s performance can be improved by leveraging strengths, and providing actionable steps to overcome or work around weaknesses. Issues such as decision making, people skills, and time management can be addressed to achieve positive business results.

Leadership Support: Leading a team or company is often a lonely position. A professional coach can often be an experienced and supportive sounding board, offering a valuable outside perspective that is not necessarily available through colleagues or friends. This can be new strategic insights, moral support, or simply problem solving aid.

Improve Management Performance: Poor leadership can cause internal conflict, poor team performance, and a slew of other business-stunting problems. Executive coaching can help reveal and recognize these types of problems and offer solutions to turn things around in an objective manner.

One-on-One Leadership Development: Building upon the basics found in group training, a one-on-one training relationship can really unleash a leader’s full potential.

A Voice of Experience: Executive coaching is particularly valuable when providing guidance to younger fast-tracked executives with the talent and drive to succeed, but may be lacking the real time experiences of an older colleague. These young execs are often left to fend for themselves among a stew of resentful underlings, and “old school” superiors. Executive coaching can be the safe haven in this storm and steady these up-and-comers while they get their bearings.

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From regional manager to international executive with quadruple the pay, Karen Keller’s unique blueprint carefully outlined the step-by-step process for creating high-impact influence and let me know when I was being influenced in a way that didn’t serve me.
Lloyd Moore
Global Director Supplier Quality & Development - Lear Corporation – South Carolina