How To Increase Confidence: A Core Leadership Trait

Reduced confidence leads to increased anxiety, procrastination and eventually paralysis. As a leader, this paralysis can stall the entire organization.

Every leader struggles with confidence. Some of us do only in certain moments; others do on a more consistent basis. Self-confidence is the fundamental basis from which leadership grows Your Keller Influence Indicator® inventory can provide you clear insight into you natural level of confidence. 

Keeping Your Morale Going Every Day

Keeping your morale up each day can be really difficult. Trust me, I understand. But there are 6 practices that I’ve learned to do over the years that have helped me keep my energy and morale pretty high most days.  

How to Manage Uncertainty

The degree of your influence is directly affected by how uncertain you are and how you express that uncertainty. When you doubt your facts, second guess your observations of the influencee, or are fraught with indecision, your influence potential goes down considerable.

Top 10 Ways to Know if You’re Becoming Arrogant at Work

When you’re at the top of your game, it can be really hard to keep your feet on the ground and remain level-headed.Here are 10 fun ways to know when you've become too arrogant at work..

In the Business Wilds: How to Improvise and Adapt Your Behavior

 You’re hard wired to do what’s best for you in most situations; all you need to do is learn to follow your gut instincts. Animals do it day in and day out and it works fairly well for them. They do what comes naturally and typically they do more than stay alive; they thrive!

Dare to Negotiate a Successful Career

To negotiate a successful career you need a powerful set of underlying beliefs and convictions that influence the decisions you make throughout the negotiation process. Practice these five guidelines to better negotiate an ultra-successful career.

How Using the KII® Can Solve Your Very Next Problem

When it comes to problems, I firmly believe that the first step to solving them is to change them. Change your perspective, change the meaning, and change how you usually approach them.  Solving a problem is about eliminating friction and pain. You risk interrupting how things are done. This is how you uncover the potential of resources at your disposal.


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