Success Begins With Your Personal Level of Influence

Influence has become a major buzz word in the last few years. Major corporations are investing billions of dollars to build employees’ morale, confidence, and skills. They hold conferences in Vegas, workshops in the New Mexico desert, team-building retreats in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

This is done all in the effort to increase their influence. Is it working? Maybe. Could it work faster? Yes. Might they get better, long-lasting results? Yes.

Finding Your Courage and Building Self-Confidence

5 ways to approach an anxiety-producing scenario with courage instead of fear.

Baby Boomers: Using Your Power

Many Baby Boomers start to think of themselves as irrelevant or powerless as a new generation of powerful men and women march into boardrooms and executive suites around the country. But I’m here to tell you that you have just as much, if not more power than the younger generation have and I’m here to put a stop to all of your excuses. 

Confidence Under Pressure: Keeping Cool When the Heat is On

As the classic David Bowie song goes: “Pressure, pushing down on me/Pressing down on you, no man asks for (I might add, no woman asks for either).” No one likes to be under pressure at work, but it’s unavoidable. You can try your hardest to keep organized and expect the unexpected, but sometimes things just “come up.” If you truly want to be able to problem solve your way through some tough pressure, the first thing you need to have is confidence. Why confidence?

Standing Up to a Bullying Boss

Did you have a bully when you were growing up? Maybe you got teased a lot in elementary school or we got beat up by someone bigger and stronger than you. It’s OK to admit. At some point or another, most of us have been bullied. But, we took in stride, overcame it and came out on top as a successful career woman. So what do we do when we encounter a bully in the workplace?

Do You Read Me, Mars? Learning to Communicate Clearly with Men

Have you ever been in a meeting where you or another female colleague spends an inordinate amount of time debating a topic with a male coworker, only to discover later that they were actually arguing the same point, but were communicating in a way that the other person could not understand? If not, consider yourself lucky, because it happens frequently in offices and relationships around the world. The phrase “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is very true. Genders communicate very differently and...


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