Finding Confidence from Within

When we don’t take the time to grow our own self-confidence from within, we may not be as strong and confident as we need to be. Here are a few ways to build your confidence from within.

Self-Promotion without Bragging

There's a fine line between bragging and pointing out our achievements in order to be successful. Here are a couple of things you can do in order to avoid becoming the unwanted office braggart:

How to Deal With Rejection

Rejection makes us afraid. Afraid to invite someone out. Afraid to ask for the promotion. Afraid to start a difficult conversation. Afraid to start our business. We assume that our interest, ideas or intentions will be dismissed. What’s not set in stone is how you react to rejection. Your reaction to a negative response is the single most important thing you control. This is where your power lies. Finding ways to positively react to and handle daunting rejection is where you have influence over your life, situation and future. 

Top 5 Reasons to Believe

Everyone tells you to believe. But that can be hard to do especially when nothing seems to be going right. The roof needs fixing, your savings has dwindled, and you didn’t get that raise you were expecting. Life can be filled with challenges and it’s easy to feel despaired. But don’t hang in the towel just yet. Believing in something … anything … has great value emotionally, psychologically, and physically. Check out the top 5 reasons to believe and fill your life with positive benefits from the inside out …

Tis’ the Season… for Women!

2010 was a great year for women. We are on the edge of new financial power, becoming an economic force. We are improving society by influencing how women are viewed in the workplace. We are growing businesses at a rapid rate, redefining family roles, and exercising major leadership to make a difference in the world. We are a force to be reckoned with and it’s only getting better! Here’s my list of 2010 women who give each of us hope for making that difference:

How to Build Trust With Your Audience

Know. Like. Trust. It’s usually easy to let people know you. Knowing someone doesn’t necessarily have an emotional attachment that goes with it. You don’t have to ‘buy into’ someone’s beliefs just by knowing them. The relationship can be informal … arbitrary … shallow. But what about something more significant? What does it take to get an audience to actually trust you on a deeper level?

Communication: Turning Silence Into Success

What does your body language say about you? Your hand on your hip, shifting your weight from one leg to the other, and the tilt of your head. It’s all important. Non-verbal language is 65% of communication, with tonality being 38% and words coming in last at 7%. Nonverbal communication is anything from body mannerisms, postures, facial expressions, breathing, and physical proximity (or ‘personal space’). It can be consciously or unconsciously sent and received.


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