Connecting With The Influential Person: Good For Business

Smart business requires you to connect and network. You have the choice to align with people who can help you and people who won’t do much for you.

Surprisingly, many people in business spend way too much time with people who don’t or won’t help them. Then they wonder why things aren’t moving forward for them. They underestimate the significance and value of being around or doing business with influential people.

5 Steps to Confront a Situation

Every person faces confrontation. Some face it better than others.

You know what it feels like when a person gets in your face, yelling about what you did wrong. Then this person proceeds to tell you what to do next in order to correct things.

It’s awful. Unexpected. Embarrassing.

But there’s the flip side. What do you do when you’re the one needing to confront a situation? A person? A behavior?

To begin with, most people walk away from confrontation. Maybe its part of their makeup, their upbringing or the result of a confrontation gone wrong.

3 Signs of Executive Presence

How does she do it? She walks into the room, and all eyes and ears are on her. Waiting, listening, watching. She is the one everyone recognizes as the leader when a team is formed. She's the first one picked by clients or customers to speak with about their multi-million dollar account. They look to her for guidance and courage.

What does that woman have that you don't? What's her secret? Presence.

Executive Presence.

How to Recognize the Influential Person

Do you ever wonder whose life you’re influencing? Look around you. Who do you see? What’s going on in your environment?

Where are you having impact? Do you have the upper hand - carefully measuring and selecting what goes on in your world?

The person who takes charge of his or her environment, diminishes the unexpected outside influence and embraces the effort, energy and time it takes to make it all happen – is a person you need to pay attention to.

How To Stop Being The Rescuer

Women are rescuers. Often at their own expense. They rescue people at work, in their companies, even distant relatives. It happens consciously and subconsciously. We don’t even recognize our codependent behavior until it's too late.

Women assume, sometimes against their better judgment, responsibility for making sure everyone is happy or at least satisfied. For some reason, we believe it's our job to make sure all is right with the world.

Confused? Not sure if this is you?

Here are a few regular statements from a bona fide rescuer:

Are You Using Or Creating Your Time?

Time is defined as the duration of sequential related matters. Huh? Everyone wears many hats; wife, husband, father, mother, executive, business owner, entrepreneur, friend and the list continues. Unfortunately, many people think of time as not being late, watching the clock or feeling stressed for not having enough of it. But where in the whole scheme of things does time take on a different meaning? Does time have to be limited to an enclosed segment of space? What’s your relationship with time?


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