Women's Health Alert: Are You Putting the Right Fuel in Your Engine?

How we perform on the job depends on many variables: our skill set, mindset, personality type, and attitude. At any moment, we may carry out any number of tasks that call on us to be able to think, move, and execute practically simultaneously. It's like we're in constant air traffic controller-mode having to complete one task (plane landing) while getting ready for the next (plane taking off), plus keeping our eye on the one that's a few hours away (plane approaching our air space).

What is Assertiveness Training?

Do you understand the difference in being aggressive versus assertive?

Are YOU Influencing Your First Impressions?

As women in business and women leaders at work, we are always beginning new relationships, either with clients, staff, vendors or customers. Yet sometimes we can forget the importance first impressions make. Obviously as professionals, we strive to do our best, but there are times when, for whatever reason, we fall short, and unfortunately, this can put a negative mark on our track record from the get-go.

How To Deal With Negative People For A Happier and More Productive Life

What business do negative people have in your life? Why are they there in the first place? Because you let them hang around. Could it be you hang around them? What happens when you are surrounded by even just one negative Nellie? Your whole day, attitude, perspective, and direction changes - for the worse. Before you know it there's a pattern that goes like this: "I know she's negative but she has some good qualities, too." Then, "I can fix her negativity." Next, "She really isn't THAT negative." Lastly, "What? She's negative? I didn't notice."

Dealing with Control Freaks: How To Tell The Difference Between Manipulation and Control

Manipulation, Influence, Persuasion. Control. They are all words used to describe how one can ‘navigate’ a situation, person, or event to their advantage. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily if you know the difference between the traits and how they are being used.

So how exactly are the control freak and the manipulator related?

Goal Setting 101: The Top 5 Foundations of Increasing Goal Commitment and Achievement!

“I can’t make a commitment right now!” Everyone has either heard or said these words. Being afraid of commitment has its roots in the fear of the unknown. If you knew the outcome of every decision you made it would be easy. Then you could commit yourself with ease, right? Not really.

But setting goals and outlining your objectives is the first step to reaching goal achievement. But what does it take to make a commitment to a decision, an idea, a friend, a goal or a purpose? There are 5 foundational aspects to making a commitment.

Executive Coaching | Your Secret Weapon

Executive coaching has wide and varied applications–as many different ones as there are companies and individuals working for them.  Here are a few typical situations where coaching can provide significant benefits.


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