Make Your Words Count

Are you using the wrong words to communicate your message? Choosing the right words can help you clearly communicate your message and encourage others to do what YOU want...

How To Be In The Right Place At The Right Time

Do you always do the right thing at the wrong time? Maybe you’re in the right place but the wrong time.

Timing is a trait everyone wishes they had.

Can the art of perfect timing be learned?

Is it simply a matter of thinking or listening to that feeling in your gut? It’s both.

The decision making part of your brain is constantly observing, storing, and arranging all the information it comes in contact with. It calculates what, when, and how we use that information.

No One Likes a Tattletale: Learning When to Speak Up

It’s an uncomfortable position to be in when you discover something at your workplace that doesn’t seem quite kosher. If you say nothing, something bad could happen but if you let someone else know, you could be labeled a snitch or a tattletale. How do you decide whether it’s appropriate to bring the missteps to the attention of the right people in the company?

Do You Read Me, Mars? Learning to Communicate Clearly with Men

Have you ever been in a meeting where you or another female colleague spends an inordinate amount of time debating a topic with a male coworker, only to discover later that they were actually arguing the same point, but were communicating in a way that the other person could not understand? If not, consider yourself lucky, because it happens frequently in offices and relationships around the world. The phrase “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is very true. Genders communicate very differently and...

How to Build Better Business Communication

Communicating in today’s world of business can be a challenge. Why? Because everything and everybody is moving fast; looking for the next best, fastest, top and finest widget to make a buck. Unfortunately, people are becoming ego-centric, believing the world only cares about them. Knowing this puts you in a position of having to connect, collaborate and coordinate in less time, more succinctly, and get the exact message across that you need them to hear. You are expected to perform on a tight rope balancing their needs along with their needs.

When To Say NO to Get to YES

Knowing when to say no is a major first step in getting to yes. How? Psychologically, when people hear no their immediate reaction is how they can turn that 'no' into a yes. For instance, when you tell the car salesperson, "not today", they begin to figure out ways to make the deal even sweeter - to your advantage. Saying no can open up doors that yes never would. Another example is when you say no to your kids having 20 kids for a sleepover. Then they will begin negotiating to the manageable 6 friends. Saying no leads to better more effective negotiation.

How to Guarantee You Are Listening

When you speak, do others hear you? Do they "listen" to you? Are you listening to them?

Listening and hearing are different actions. Hearing is the physical act of the ear picking out sounds from another’s voice. It simply happens. Listening is what you consciously choose to do. Listening requires concentration so your brain can create meaning from words and sentences.

Listening leads to learning.

Using Language to Explode Your Power

What’s in a word? Is it worth a thousand pictures? Lots and could be. Words are approximately 7% of our communication so what makes them so important? Because without them we would struggle to get our point across or hear that all-important feeling or thought someone is trying to share. Power language and power conversations make you powerful. When you use powerful communication, verbal AND non-verbal, the world begins to see you as a force to be respected. 3 ways you can use language that undermines your power.

Knocking It Out of the Park: Nailing the Interview

Anything can happen in an interview, but you can exhaust and overwhelm yourself if you try and anticipate everything that they could possibly ask you. That’s when it’s time to calm yourself and focus on a couple central points to really nail your interview.


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