Ask and You Shall Receive

Are you being passed over for raises and promotions for this simple reason? Don’t let success slip past you again! Learn to be aggressive by asking for what you deserve.

Top 5 Symptoms of a Business Relationship Gone Bad

Every person has either experienced or witnessed when a business relationship has gone wrong. Most of the time it sneaks up on us without any warning. Like when your business partner says he is leaving because he found something better somewhere (and with someone) else. Or how about being accused of not working hard enough when you are already putting in 70 hour weeks?

But are there warning signs? Signs that were there all along but you just didn’t notice?

Here are 5 signs (alarms) that the business relationship you thought you had has gone wrong:

Great Videos for Executives: Say Hello to TED

Whether you’re prepping for a major meeting or just need a break in your day, you can stop by the TED site and view one of thousands of TED talks designed to provoke, inspire, amuse and change the way you think about the world. 

Improving People Skills: Get Ahead In Life With Interpersonal and Communication Skills That Work!

Day in and day out, whether at work or running our own business, we have to interact with people. We may talk face-to-face, by phone or Skype, by email, or on popular virtual gathering places like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Never before have we had so many ways we can connect to people, and never has it been so critical to make your presence strong and consistent no matter the platform.

The Headstrong Communicator: Transforming Struggle Into Flow

Have you ever tried communicating with a person who is downright stubborn? They appear immune to all the usual methods of communication and persuasion. Their attitudes are more negative than most. And they seem to glean some pleasure in being this way. For example, your company contracts with a person who does your media and publicity. But every time you talk with him he is blunt, sarcastic, rolls his eyes (yes, I can hear that over the phone), exerts covert hostility and only gives information on a-need-to -know basis. Fire him? Not possible – it’s the boss’ nephew.

How to Build Trust With Your Audience

Know. Like. Trust. It’s usually easy to let people know you. Knowing someone doesn’t necessarily have an emotional attachment that goes with it. You don’t have to ‘buy into’ someone’s beliefs just by knowing them. The relationship can be informal … arbitrary … shallow. But what about something more significant? What does it take to get an audience to actually trust you on a deeper level?

Communication: Turning Silence Into Success

What does your body language say about you? Your hand on your hip, shifting your weight from one leg to the other, and the tilt of your head. It’s all important. Non-verbal language is 65% of communication, with tonality being 38% and words coming in last at 7%. Nonverbal communication is anything from body mannerisms, postures, facial expressions, breathing, and physical proximity (or ‘personal space’). It can be consciously or unconsciously sent and received.


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